Rumors abound in Indianapolis that Peyton Manning will be out for the entire 2011-12 season.  Manning, the story goes, has a “floating bone” in his neck. This blogger heard the rumor 4th-hand.  The story goes that this news originates from a staff member in the Chicago hospital where Manning twice had neck surgery.

The latest surgery was on May 24, 2011.  Peyton Manning plays quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, and has won the league’s Most Valuable Player award multiple years.  Un-retired quarterback Kerry Collins started the preseason game versus Cincinnati last Thursday.

The rumor was all the rage at one fantasy football draft  in Fishers.

“Since the Colts failed to develop the run-based double tight end offense that will accentuate a declining quarterback such as Kerry Collins’ skill set, they’ll be lucky to get 5 wins,” said fantasy football drafter Brady Glenn.


If you believe that the Bible is the word of God–and a lot of people do–then you also believe that we are all products of the Original Incest. Without getting too bogged down in the details, if we all came from Adam and Eve, their grandchildren were necessarily products of incest.

So you, me, all your relatives, friends, children, grandchildren and ancestors are all products of the Original Incest.

Fast forward to the flood. Everyone that is alive today shares a common ancestor in Noah. And since the offspring of Shem, Ham, and Japeth (Noah’s sons) must have necessarily engaged in incest to continue human breeding, we’re all also children of the Second Great Incest, or the Flood Incest.

We are all Children of the Original Incest.

We are all Children of the 40 Day Flood Incest.

Which incest are you more proud of? Which incest will you teach your children about? These are all questions that we must decide individually.

But when you say your prayers tonight, if you’re glad to be alive, take a moment to thank God for the Original Incest.

So I created a Facebook page, called Protect Traditional Marriage.  I found a chart on The Masses Are Angry Blog, but Facebook would not let me link to that page because it was previously marked as abuse.   What sort of dastardly deeds could the chart portray that trigger the algorithmic banning ?

Why, it’s a diagram of traditional marriage structures found in the Bible!  See for yourself!

How the Bible Defines Marriage, Chart of Traditional Biblical Marriage

How the Bible Defines Marriage, Chart of Traditional Biblical Marriage. Source:

Here is the source where I found the chart, The Masses Are Angry Blog.  Now that I have the pic in a different URL, Facebook should let me paste this URL and link to it!