NOTE:  The comments below dated before Oct 14, 2011 refer to my old About post which can be found here.

  1. Guy Behind the Guy said:

    This is really good. You’ve had an interesting life and should share your experiences. I look forward to reading the upcoming entries.

  2. Dino said:

    I think you are the guy that left a comment on my dog blog regarding the boss collar. If so, I have to did you find my site?

  3. innertubes said:


    I just found out my friend is selling the collars, and wanted to get an opinion of the humaneness from other dog people. So, I don’t remember exactly what I googled, but it was something similar to ‘humane dog collars’ as I recall.

  4. Trent Wardwell said:


    It’s been good “catching up” with you behind the scenes through Fbook and now your blog…you didn’t even know I was reading :-).

    I just wanted to take a minute to comment on your Religious upbringing. Living next to each other for a number of years, I never REALLY understood what Religious sect your family belonged to, but did understand that your family didn’t believe in modern medicine, or something along those lines. I didn’t understand why that was so, and looking back, I probalby wasn’t mature enough to understand it anyway. I guess after reading about some of your experiences, I just felt like telling you that I’m truly sorry you had to go through some of those things. That is NOT what God wants for his children, lack of faith to be healed does not equate transgression. That is not sound doctrine.

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I truly feel empathy for you enduring those years. I’m curious, are your folks or any members of your family still involved with that Faith?

    Well…much luck to you on your quest!! Tell your family that the Wardwells say hello!!



  5. innertubes said:

    What’s up, Trent? Good to hear from you, looks like you have a lovely family from the FB pics I saw.

    Thanks for your sympathies, I am one of the very luckiest ones that survived that church with my sanity. We were mostly out of it by the time you guys were our neighbors, so I think you witnessed mainly the after effects.

    Of course, I agree that it’s not sound doctrine, but disagree that there’s a God. I’ll start believing it when the scientific method proves it 🙂

    My mom now goes to a more mainstream type church. My dad and her are divorced, and he went ‘mainstream’ for a while, but recently got back into (and roped in my impressionable college age youngest brother). I know he has a super high IQ, and I can’t comprehend how he can be so illogical in these areas. I doubt I’ll speak to him again, because it looks like he may have ruined my brother. Hopefully, it’s a stage for the little bro.

    Well, hope you are well!

  6. Leslie said:

    Nice. Keep writing.

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