Documentary Short on Hobart Freeman’s Faith Assembly Released Today

My name is Josh Wilson, and earlier today, Jack Pennington of released a 4-5 minute documentary short about my experience growing up in Dr. Hobart Freeman’s Faith Assembly.  Dr. Freeman, or Brother Freeman, as the congregation called him, taught that members should reject medical care. An estimated 100 people died from medical neglect.

Watch the documentary short here.


  1. I know this is sad people died, but how many died in the US due to bad doctors or mis-diagnosis.

    Better yet, how many people actually got healed under FA message? I am one.

    So, not to diss the sadness that went on, but for the 200-300 odd kids, how many are walking with the Lord today?

  2. David Lawrence said:

    The Lord heals today still! ( 1 Peter 2:24) Trust God, not man!

  3. megagenius said:

    Do you have any videos of Hobart Freeman?

  4. Josh, I am sorry that you experienced the things that you did, and want to tell you that God is still there for you. Your experience was traumatic, and it was real. I know that it has jaded your perspective, which is understandable, and God knows all that. He knows all about the anger, the hurt, and the confusion and is still there. Read what I posted on Jack Pennington’s Blog for you, because I though you were on that, too.

  5. Brenda said:

    My little brother died when he was six. Lance Planck…I do not blame God but Lance would most likely still be with us if he had been to a doctor.

    • Anonymous said:

      Brenda I am so sorry to hear this.

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