National Student Walkout planned by Madison, Wisconsin High School Students

March 9, 2011 9:50 PM EST

High school students in Madison, WI are calling for and organizing a national high school student walkout on Friday, March 11th, at 2:00 PM, local time, Michael Moore reported Wednesday, at approximately 9:40 EST PM, on The Rachel Maddow Show.

This is class war that has been leveled against working people of this country,” said Michael Moore. (Michael Moore’s Twitter feed here.)

Video of Michael Moore’s original mention of the 2:00 PM walkout protest at the 2:55 mark. He goes on to mention why the walkout matters.

Twitter was already abuzz with tweets like this one from Untangled_Vines:

Untangled Vines: “Nationwide High school student walkout. This Friday at 2:00! We need to protest. Just walk right out of class!

From the main Facebook Nationwide Student Walkout event page:

We are asking all students in the United States to walk out at 2:00 PM local time in solidarity with Wisconsin and to organize teach-ins on the attacks on public education and working families where you live.

Another Facebook Public Event has been created for National High School Walkout 2PM Local Time For Friday Mar 11.

A Facebook Fan Page for the walkout has also been created.

How Can I Help?

I urge you to walk out, call your local media, blog about it, let people know on FB and Twitter what you are doing, and spread the word!

Join the movement. 40 hour work weeks, weekends, and a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay are all standard because of unions.

Tell the billionaire puppet masters and their Republican puppets that they have gone too far, and that cops, teachers, nurses, firefighters, and working people matter!

Thanks to commenter David for pointing out that Friday is indeed March 11, not March 9.

Want to show your patriotic spirit? Buy an American Flag here.

Follow up:

Here is our round-up of the news coverage of the actual March 11, 2011 high school national walkouts.
Latest Update: March 10, 2011 7:14 PM EST

  1. david said:

    Except Friday is March 11

    • innertubes said:

      Thank you sir, now fixed!

  2. Peggy Schmidt said:

    GO Wisconsin!!!!! I am passing this on to all of the parents of kids I know in public High Schools!!!

  3. Jesse Banks said:

    I’m one of the students in Madison coordinating this walkout, thanks for mentioning it! I’d love to have some help publicizing, if you have any ideas contact me at

  4. Inspired Student said:

    This is amazing! I often feel powerless as a minor to the decisions of our government (on both the state and federal level) and it’s hard to express how exciting it is that students will be taking action. Just because we are young does not make us any less aware of what is going on or less able to make an opinion. Power to the people!

    Support from Northampton, Massachusetts. Good luck!

  5. Aol said:

    Michael Moore got his shit wrong as usual. Firefighters and Police Officers are not being attacked because they were never targeted in this budget bill.

    • innertubes said:

      This is clearly an attack on the right of all to collectively bargain.

    • Student said:

      OK so than why are there firefighters and police protesting quit listaning to Glen Beck and Fox

      • innertubes said:

        Aol is technically correct in that the Governor exempted unions that supported him in his election bid (police and firefighters) from this bill. But given the tactics that he and the Republicans used, and that they did not campaign on union busting (because it’s an unelectable position to take), and that they tried to ram this through against the will of over 2/3 of WI voters–given all of that–this is clearly an attack against all union workers. This is why the police and firefighters are protesting alongside teachers and nurses (who are under more direct attack).

  6. Susanae said:

    Students from a high school in Greenfield, Massachusetts, are busy tonight organizing a protest for tomorrow at 2 pm. They’ve been told by their principal that those who walk out will receive ISS, In School Suspensions, on the next school day, as a consequence. He would prefer the students organize a teach-in. What do you think?

    • innertubes said:

      I was not familiar with a ‘teach-in’, but after perfunctory internet research, if I was still in high school, I would be walking out.

      • innertubes said:

        Okay, just now seeing on Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell that students are organizing a walkout, then walking TO a teach-in in Madison. Wow!

  7. pete said:

    Minnesota students will be participating. Minnetonka Students will be participating!!! Teach ins….just walk out…with signs!

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