Quick Thoughts on Christianity & Religion

Here’s an excerpt of an email that I just wrote on Christianity and religion, with slight edits:

The bottom line is that we as humans are hardwired to seek a purpose, etc.  That purpose has always been survival.

Now that survival is no longer necessary in the evolutionary sense (a wooly mammoth is not going to trample me to death, and tiger is not going to eat me,) most people are lost without a purpose.

I am fine without a purpose, and I am not lost.  I am one of the lucky ones.

Most people fill it with a religion.  That helps with the fear of death, and the fear of meaninglessness.  I fear neither.

If you’re into reading, you may want to check out one of the books that explores all the ideas that the creators of Christianity stole from past religions.  Everything from the virgin birth was a copy of a past religion.

I know your God works in mysterious ways, but why is he copying these false pagan religions?
Or could it be, that Christianity  is man made, and the creators cherrypicked features from past religions?  



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