Bored, Drinking and Blogging

10:15PM  I am quite bored.  I just grabbed a beer.  I think I’ll get drunk and blog about it.  Not an original idea, by any means, but it might help with the boredom.

10:18PM  Feel free to post comments/suggestions on my blog or FB on how to spice up the night.10:23PM  I want to snap a pic of me with my laptop, but can’t figure out what program it uses, since I unpinned it from the task bar.  I am a jackass?

10:27PM  Still can’t figure out how to turn webcam on. showed me that Google Nabs 66% of Searches in November.

10:29PM  My friend is telling me on IM that her friends are too self absorbed to pay attention to her, but I’m a bit distracted with my drinking and blogging.

10:31PM  I figured out how to snap a pic with the webcam, but only through using a 3rd party app, which in this case, was FB.

Predrunk Josher

Predrunk Josher

10:40PM  I see my friend who has a blog here and tell her she should get drunk and blog with me too.    She laughs and walks away into the ether.  Just like the bar, heh.

10:44PM  Beer number 2, wow I am a slow drinker this evening.

Weird, but the preview of the image when I took the image on FB, the Lite was backwards.  What does it think it is, a retina?!?

10:59PM  The bar that takes me 4 minutes to walk to has a popcorn machine similar to this one.

1.   It’s really poor marketing to show this machine and not have at least 1 shot of it filled with juicy, buttery popcorn IMO.

2.  The bar has free popcorn all the time, I should probably go get some at some point.  I wonder what they’d say if  I brought my own bag, filled ‘er up, and just left.

11:20PM  Just now cracked beer #3, man, I am a slow drinker tonight.  Let’s check a BAC calculator.  Alas, 66 minutes of drinking only 2 “lite” beers, 151 lbs, and we are not impaired:(  0.019%BAC.

  1. Katie said:

    I love how you searched for my page, got the wrong one….and yet it’s on your blogroll. You never cease to amuse me, Josh.

  2. innertubes said:

    What what in the butt? Only your page is on the blogroll, not the interesting one 🙂 LOL JK!

  3. RR said:

    Saw this Blog article in Paris this morning… glass of wine to wake up to… cheers… 3 Lite Beers? Try whiskey instead… Black Jack on the rocks or Crown Royal beats beer… be careful out there… a lot if s**t gets dropped in drinks in Clubs all over… Happy Holidays over there… Happy New Year early Ride. Try not to get too hungover.

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