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Getting Healthy

It feels good to quit smoking after 16 years of it.  Even though this is only the 12th day, I can tell it’s a permanent thing.  I did short cardio workouts Monday and today.  I’ve only drank alcohol twice in 12 days, after averaging at least 4-5 days a week for about 13 years.

I’m not against drinking, smoking, or not working out, but I do want to live to be at least 120, hopefully longer as technological advances permit.  So I’m finally ready to minimize my risks of dying prematurely.  I am indeed lucky that longevity runs in my family, and I hope that being healthy maximizes my chance to maximize my existence.

The final straw was when i found out that one of my personal heroes, Christopher Hitchens, is dying prematurely at age 62 of incurable cancer.  Here’s some highlights of Hitchens at the top of his game.

Intellectually Lazy Religious

Lately, the intellectual hibernation of the religious has frustrated me more than usual.  However when one digs a little deeper, one realizes that intellectual laziness is nearly a prerequisite to be religious.


I’ve noticed that a lot of companies with less than 100 people have way too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  Or, as my friend’s friend put it, “too many pimps and not enough hoes.” 🙂

Bad managers can not step in and do the staff level work, if necessary

Bad managers do not have a plan for their area if someone leaves.  Most do not have a contingency plan, because they don’t understand what their staff people do, and they are not qualified to make a backup plan even if they so desired.

Bad managers are not qualified to hire their own staff, as they do not understand the skills necessary for success.

Lucky To Be Alive

You are exceedingly lucky to be alive.  Every single one of your ancestors reproduced, going back to the original bacteria, single-celled organism, or whatever form original life took, through the billions of years of evolution, to your grandparents, your parents, to you today.  Against mind boggling odds of at least one in the chain not reproducing, they all reproduced, giving you life and consciousness.

Another way to look at it.  The ejaculation that produced you contained, on average, about 40 million sperm.  So even if we assume that the egg that produced you would be fertilized, your chances of existing are still about 1 in 40 million.   Had any other sperm fertilized the egg, that person may share a lot of the genetic traits that you have, but it would not be you.

When you add only 1 parent to this equation and take your 1 in 40,000,000 chance and the 1 parent’s 1 in 40,000,000 chance, multiplication shows us that your chances of existing are now decreased to 1,600,000,000,000,000.  Now add your other parent in, and go back 10 generations.  Go back 100 generations.  Go back through the evolutionary tree.

Our minds are not designed to fathom numbers this extremely high or low, but we can understand how astoundingly lucky we are to exist as ourselves.

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  1. Wait, a bit confused here. You are not against smoking and drinking, but yet you say you want to ‘minimize’ risks of dying prematurely…which is it?

    Oh wait, if I can understand your logic then, you are not against people dying prematurely? Ah ok. That’s cool as long as your concious is clear over this and not warn people that smoking and drinking does medically proven kill.

    “I’m not against drinking, smoking, or not working out, but I do want to live to be at least 120, hopefully longer as technological advances permit. So I’m finally ready to minimize my risks of dying prematurely”

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