The House of Illusions

On Sunday, some go to the house of illusions

It’s built on delusions, on your life, its intrusions

Say the good in humans and all of the love

Must come from some mysterious power up above.


Sinner, REPENT, you are nothing but scum

The snake oil we sell you take’s 10% of the sum

Of all of your work, and all of your toils

If you don’t pay the rent, in a lake of fire you’ll boil.


So indoctrinate your children, teach them not to think

From the start their potential will suddenly shrink.

Hate the sin, not the sinner, you pray, as you prey

On the abominations that genetics made gay


The millions of starving, all part of God’s plan

While you kneel to pray for a raise and more land.

So preach down to the sinners, from way up on high

As they wonder why the beam is stuck in your eye

Pass on your prejudice and pass on your hate,

If heaven existed, you’d be barred at the gate.



By Josh Wilson 7-18-10

1 comment
  1. Katie said:

    Wow. I don’t even know what to say to this. Excellent, Josh.

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