I Want to Hear your Faith Assembly Stories

I would love to hear whatever you are willing to share of your story regarding Hobart E. Freeman’s Faith Assembly.  I grew up in the cult, and indeed in my first 15 formative years, was indoctrinated with the cult’s beliefs by both my parents and the cult leaders.I have blogged a bit on the subject, and am seeking others’ stories to gain more perspective.  Feel free to contact me in the comments below if you are willing to share.

Faith Assembly really has a story to tell, and I hope that your experiences can be part of the story that I tell.

  1. April said:

    Grew up in a satellite home church of faith assembly from the age of 4 to 19, when I escaped under death threats..”homeschooled” etc etc. I appreciate your blog

  2. innertubes said:

    Glad you got out, April. Thanks for the kudos 🙂

  3. M Hollman said:

    This cult took my father’s life. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer, and Steve Hill pushed him to pray for his healing. At my dads funeral, that jackass had the audacity to say my dad didn’t have enough faith, or that it wasn’t strong enough.
    In reading some other individuals postings, I didn’t have all of the social out- cast aspects with school. My mom tried home schooling for my 4th grade year, and was not very successful. My little brother and I returned to public school the next year. However, not being allowed to play any sports has affected me. I always wanted to play football, and it was not allowed.
    It’s interesting, when u try to explain how strange it was growing up like we did, no tv, Christmas, or being allowed to hang out much at all with kids that weren’t part of the cult, that most people can’t comprehend it.
    We were in the branch that was largely led by Steve Hill in Coloma. We met in the rec center at the KOA campground.
    These days, life’s pretty good, and in some capacity’s having been “sheltered” has given me a unique perspective of how the “machine of life” is constructed, as I spent a lot of time on the outside of it.

  4. hjb said:

    Thank you for your endeavor to write the story. I attended an FA church in Findlay, OH in the early 80’s. I saw my friends parents die, their baby brothers and sisters too. Being totally cut off from society (no newpapers, tv’s and radios) was awful. It took a long time for me to overcome social retardation. Thanks again for letting me know there are other children who actually SURVIVED!

  5. David Lawrence said:

    I never grew up under Bro. Freeman’s FA. I was saved under his ministry in 2001, in a small house church. The anointed teaching was wonderful! I know terrible things happened at FA, and that is sad indeed! My heart goes out to all who have been hurt! May Jesus heal your wounds! Today, I still worship with FA online with Pastor Joe Brenneman! Is he perfect? No! Was Bro . Freeman perfect? No! Jesus is ALL perfect! Worship Jesus, not the man of God! The man of God will always fail , but not Jesus! ever!

  6. Christine B. said:

    I have to ask, are you a Christian now? Or has this religious experience caused you to totally cut yourself off from God? If so, are you an atheist or do you choose to believe in God but deny Him as your savior?

  7. innertubes said:

    Great question, Christine.

    I am a man of reason and evidence. I have seen no evidence of the existence of Allah, Baal, Camaxtli, Demeter, Ereskigal, Freya, Ganesha, Hades, Iris, Jupiter, Kingu, Loki, Muses, Neptune, Osiris, Poseidon, Qutezalcoatl, Ra, Si-Wang-Mu, Thor, Ullr, Vulcan, Xenu, Ymir, Wicahmunga, Zeus, or any of the roughly 3,000 other deities that humans have worshiped over the years. I credit years of deep intellectual thought, research, study, exploring various religions through classes like Religions of The East, and a preponderance of the evidence with my findings.

    I do not believe that conclusions of this intellectual journey is linked very strongly to my Faith Assembly experience. Rather, my conclusions are a preponderance of the evidence.

    Your question “Has this religious experience caused you to totally cut yourself from God” actually commits a logical fallacy (faulty logic) called Begging the Question (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begging_the_question).

    I suspect that you are an atheist when it comes to Allah, Baal, Camaxtli, Demeter, Ereskigal, Freya, Ganesha, Hades, Iris, Jupiter, Kingu, Loki, Muses, Neptune, Osiris, Poseidon, Qutezalcoatl, Ra, Si-Wang-Mu, Thor, Ullr, Vulcan, Xenu, Ymir, Wicahmunga, Zeus, and most of the other roughly 3,000 Gods that us humans and our ancestors have worshiped. I just go one god further 🙂

    Take care, Christine!

    • Christine B. said:

      Thank you so much 🙂

  8. Tomax7 here.

    Well it is sad when people who are bitter post that they are not.

    I for one don’t recall you ever asking me to post negative posts, I post them as they arrive in my mailbox. HOWEVER if they are slanderous, swearing, and just plain old bitter, no, those (all 2 of them) I don’t post. If I didn’t post yours, possibly it is one of those two. I remember someone going off on the deep end, so please tell me you are more intelligent that that.

    Oh, would be nice to get credit for my pictures you have on your blog. Something about Integrity that your blog is missing.

    • innertubes said:

      Tom, which pictures are yours? I will either take them down or give you credit, whichever you prefer.

      • The inside picture of FA, the outside, and the Glory Barn. But you can use them, but at least say something like “from tomax7 website”.

      • You still didn’t address the point about you or whoever posted asking me to post something negative and I didn’t.

        • innertubes said:

          I just posted your response in that section of the blog. Tom, would you be interested in chatting with me about Faith Assembly while the cameras roll for a documentary on Growing Up in Hobart Freeman’s Faith Assembly?

  9. Just a caveate here. I don’t speak for Faith Assemlby, Dr. Freeman’s family, or churches in the US. YOu or I need to express that clearly at the front if you do want to talk.

  10. Sarah said:

    I grew up in the glory barn, from ’72 to ’80/’81. My mother fled to another state, I suspect because they were pressuring her to marry a man from the church. I wound up leaving home at age 14 to escape my mother and that cult, to avoid being returned to them to be “cured” of seizures. She thought I was possessed, that I had invited the devil in. Since her abuse hadn’t stopped the seizures, she felt the “church” would. The abuse that permeated my childhood, the isolation from the community and even from non-believing family, I couldn’t even participate in common school events, let alone receive the most basic care. Told education didn’t matter, yet beaten for not getting straight A’s, beaten for anything and everything, at home and at “church”. The hypocrisy of the so called leaders astounds me. I cannot believe that anyone falls for this nonsense. There weren’t any “miracles”, that is a bald faced lie. There was only suffering, heartache, and too frequently, death. Every time another death was made public, the only affect it had was it reminded parents to tell their children not to play with “those barn kids”.

    Furthermore, not all deaths were reported. Many births weren’t reported either. This was a cult, it used faith healing as a way to commit child abuse and get away with it for years. I also experienced sexual abuse by “church” members, and I can’t have been the only one…

    I eventually ended up in the foster care system, and as much as that sucked – it was better than home or faith assembly, aka the glory barn. I never went back. I cut all ties with my mother, and all ties with anyone I knew growing up.

    If anyone wants to call me bitter, feel free. You bet I am, I never had a choice. Someone said it perfectly on another site, the glory barn and their perverse ideology sucked the life out of my childhood. Life that can’t be gotten back.

    • Jenny said:

      I went to the Glory Barn too in the mid 70’s. I remember I was so scared of the place I would wet my pants when we got there. I have faint bits of memory of sexual abuse. Do you remembe much? I’ve been trying hard for most of my life to recall those experiences fully but I must have blocked them pretty good. Was there a room with bunk beds…

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