A Word on Bitterness and Growing up in a Faith Healing Cult

The most common reaction that I get from people reading my Faith Assembly blog is, “Wow, you must be bitter.”  No doubt Hobart E. Freeman was an evil man, intentionally or not.

For years I was bitter, but hardly any bitterness remains at all.  Why?  Well, my father and mother, before they got into the cult, and before I was born, were attending Indiana University.  He was pursuing a pre-med degree and she was pursuing a nursing degree.

Had they not gotten wrapped up in this cult, I probably never would have been born!  What luck for me, whatever turn of events that it took, that I actually was born, against all odds!  I am fairly certain that had they stuck to their college plans, and not gotten involved in the cult around age 19, I never would have been born, when they were 21.

So do I think that I was raised in an environment of child abuse?  Absolutely.   Did it take years longer for me to mature to the level that most people are at at age 25?  No doubt about it.  Was I emotionally unsound enough to not excel at college, and to even turn down 20 full free ride scholarships?  Sure.

But, I am of good cheer, and bitterness is nearly exclusively a thing of the past.  I exist, I live, I dealt with my past, and now I’m planning my future.  What luck to be alive!  What luck to be born!  What luck to still survive, and what luck to live in this technologically advanced age.  And finally, what luck that I have some ability to contribute to the scientific world, and what luck that I took an interest!

I live in Sarasota, FL, where it’s sunny and 70 degrees almost every day of the year, and I am ecstatic to be alive!

  1. Anonymous said:

    While you may not harbor any bitterness per se, I find it interesting that so much of what you write about is about FA. Why is that?

  2. Innertubes said:

    Sure. Because I am going to write a book about it. Faith Assembly has a story that is dying to be told. Certainly no pun intended on the 100 kids that died due to its Faith Healing beliefs.

  3. I should add:

    1) To date, most of the FA articles that I’ve posted were written several years ago. I recently published these bits, after a bit of grammar cleanup.

    2) In my opinion, it is a noble pursuit to explore one’s self and one’s motivations. Certainly my 15 first formative years in Faith Assembly are at the center of that exploration.

  4. annointed said:

    I am very interested in your book…it needs to be written. have you ever had anything published yet?

  5. No, I haven’t. My only qualification is the fact that I have never written a paper that did not get an A, from grade school through Bachelors Degree. I suppose I should add that a good friend of mine who earned his graduate degree at Northwestern School of Journalism has volunteered to edit for me.

  6. BookLover said:

    This book is long overdue and I applaud you for planning to write one. With all of the anti-Muslim sentiment these days from Christian people on the right, your story about Christian fundamentalism gone bad strikes holes in the assumption that extremism is somehow ok if practiced by Christians. Imagine if a Muslim group in America saw 50 or more deaths due their practices. I have a relative who was caught up in the teaching of Faith Assembly. I’d be happy to help with the design of your book, I have a lot of experience with that. Please send me a private email.

  7. Joe Albert said:

    You need to write about this subject. I knew a family who moved to Indianapolis from Warsaw and were a part of the Faith Assembly. I think they were running away from problems encountered with Hobart Freeman. Brainwashing seemed to be Freeman’s tool to keeping people captive. Let us know when you get published.

  8. Robert said:

    It seems all you people are bitter and have become so self-righteous that you are your OWN CULT. Hobart Freeman was a man of integrity and truthfulness. I came under his teaching in the late 70’s and have never experienced anything but the utmost joy, peace and blessing of God while walking in total faith to Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for sending a man like Hobart Freeman to point the way. God have mercy on those who are so blinded by their own bitterness and hatred.

  9. While I agree with Robert, I believe bitterness has consumed a lot of the folk. The point is being it was sad when transpired in the latter days of FA, and yes sad babies and loved ones died. I am close to one that did as well, so I know the depression, condemnation, or soul searching, and so on that goes on when it occurs.

    However, I choose to follow what I saw in the Bible. I don’t have all the answers, but I know Someone who does. Jesus. So in that I must trust things will work out.

    The teachings I received set me free from the occult and a self destruction I was in, so I know first handed what the inspired Word does to people.

    What happened is due to the immaturity (who could ‘we’ turn to in matters of division) we were basically on our own. Because of that, our zeal overtook our intelligence and rational thought.

    To that, these folks post bitterness and refuse to move on in Christianity, rather, some sadly choose to abandon it wholly.

    Bitter water.

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