You Are Lucky To Be Alive!

I originally posted this as a Facebook note on Oct 7, 2009.

We are all so lucky to be alive, when you consider that the sperm that fertilized the egg that created you was one of an average of 300 million sperm per ejaculation.

The make up of our ‘common sense’ brain is not conducive to analyzing numbers like that.

But if you take the path from the East coast US to the West coast US, about 3,075 miles, the chances that you came to exist out of that one ejaculation are roughly the same as a quarter rolled down that road landing specifically in your one and a half inch section of it. If it landed anywhere else on the road, it would be someone else that existed, but you won the lottery!

Now take that back 10 ancestors. Take it back 1000. And consider the fact that we are only talking about 1 of thousands of ejaculations! If you’re a math nerd like, me the odds that you exist are utterly mind shattering when you think about it.

The moral of the nerdy story is that wasting even a minute of our short time on earth is just silly!

And yes, I’m pretty damn sure that I’m going to have to go into science in some capacity at some point….

Hey, I’m a slow learner, but at least I’m catching on:)

  1. CAM from Indiana said:

    Someone is really spiritually injured and in great emotional pain which has caused bitterness and hate to become deeply rooted in your heart. I truly understand where you’re coming from because i also was a part of this movement for several years and suffered a lot spiritually for years but i have found peace in my relationship with Jesus and little by little i’m being set free with no unforgiveness or malice in my heart. I did learn the Word and for that i am forever grateful. Now i’m learning how to properly apply it to my life. I pray that you too will find this peace and rest that only Jesus can give. Please don’t let past hurts and discouragement keep you from the blessings He has for you today! It’s a new day and you can have a fresh start — a new beginning!

    • innertubes said:

      I think maybe you accidentally posted on the wrong post. What excitement and joy the post above displays! Pretty much the opposite of hate.

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