Pictures of Dr. Hobart E. Freeman’s Faith Assembly, near North Webster, IN, Noble County, IN

Here are some pictures on the web relating to faith healing cult Faith Assembly, led by Dr. Hobart E. Freeman, located in Noble County, IN, near North Webster, IN.

Dr Hobart E. Freeman, leader of Faith Assembly, located near North Webster, IN

Dr Hobart E. Freeman, leader of Faith Assembly, located near North Webster, IN

The faces of Dr. Hobart E. Freeman

The faces of Dr. Hobart E. Freeman

Inside Dr. Hobart E. Freeman's Faith Assembly, in Noble County, IN, near North Webster, IN

Inside Dr. Hobart E. Freeman’s Faith Assembly, in Noble County, IN, near North Webster, IN.  Picture courtesy of

Outside Dr. Hobart E. Freeman's Faith Assembly, near North Webster, IN, facing east

Outside Dr. Hobart E. Freeman’s Faith Assembly, near North Webster, IN, facing east.  Picture courtesy of

The former spot of the Glory Barn, a former location of Hobart E. Freeman's Faith Assembly, near North Webster, IN

The former spot of the Glory Barn, a former location of Hobart E. Freeman’s Faith Assembly, near North Webster, IN, burnt down July 4, 1980 under suspicious circumstances after local media reported the deaths of women, infants and children related to the church’s faith healing beliefs.  Picture courtesy of

Dr. Hobart E. Freeman residence

Dr. Hobart E. Freeman residence

  1. RR said:

    Thank You for these pictures… I always wondered all these years where it was and what it was like. Sad damages these Cults cause.

  2. Melisa Ochs said:

    I would like to know if you have Dr. Freemans older books available for purchase. I have his book on Old Testiment Prophets, but wold like to have a copy of his Deliverance from the Oppression of the Occult and subjection. I hope that is correct.

    Thank You

    • June Gannon said:

      We were involved with this ministry & i had both good & bad experiances. His teaching were amazing that lead me into a new realm in God. The problem though was the legalistic side to it that caused much of the problems. I thank God for the truths that have to this day enriched my life but i have been set free from legalism. TO MELISSA, you can purchase any of Feemans literature from Faith Ministies & Publications, P.O. Box 1156, Warsaw, IN 46581-1156

    • I may be able to help you as my father left me his collection of books included in which many Freemen books let me know exactly which ones you like the most

  3. innertubes said:

    I am sorry Melisa, but I cannot, in good conscience, help you with that quest. You certainly can not find these books available from me 🙂

  4. Elizabeth McCreery said:

    Does Faith Assembly exist anymore, is there any chapters or bodies as he called them.left out there? I remember he has a son-in-law named I think Steve Hill, is that true and is he the Steve Hill who does fund raisers for TBN & INSP?

  5. innertubes said:

    My understanding is that Faith Assembly has splintered. My (vague) understanding is that the Joe Brenneman group is the closest geographically. There are some that have continued 100% in their beliefs. There are several groups that continue to listen to the tapes of Dr. Freeman sermons. The church has also spawned several preachers that have taken a different route but remain preachers. My understanding is that Steve Hill and Jeff Barnett are among those. Steve Hill indeed was HEF’s son-in-law. I have no idea if he’s the Steve Hill doing fund-raisers that you mention. The one I’m talking about has a facebook page here Looks like he’s the president of ‘Enjoying God Ministries’.

  6. marily said:

    I was healed in a Nazerene Chuch of Astma on a very hot,muggy church night.. I could blow up a balloon so fast it broke,but…sorry to say I did not keep my healing….Go and sin no more least a worse thing come upon you.. The teachings were of little faith.and I was puffed up over the fact that God healed me. That was 40 years ago and I use an atomisers still..

  7. Anonymous said:

    If you are still in fellowship with Jesus Christ, you can be healed again!
    I will send you information on Faith.

  8. Chris said:

    I was turned on to Hobart’s teachings 13 years ago upon being born again, and not knowing any better, and with what I know now he was a lunatic. My mentor, if that’s what you wanna call him, worshipped Hobart and still does!! This fellow claims all kinds of crazy crap, and nothing ever manifests. It is very sad what Freeman did to so many people. I also listened to Tom Hamilton for several years, he is an off-shoot of Freeman, just a bit tamer. All of these teachings are for the most part taken out of Scriptural context, from my extensive studies. I have never claimed a healing or money and the Lord has always delivered me from my stupidity. There is no formula to faith, it is simply striving to serve the Lord and others and you will be on the road to justification. On the contrary, Freeman and his offspring teach self-sanctification, they have taken the Lord out of the equation. We can do NOTHING of ourselves, it ALL comes by and through the Lord’s graciousness, this was the death blow of Faith Assembly. Just as the citizens of america are fooled and lorded over by the political machine, so are those who follow Freeman’s teachings. He was smart, flambouyant and driven, that’s about it…. The Lord spoke once and for all in His Word, no more “special revelations” exist, as they cannot be tested as being from Him. The Bible is the ONLY revelation from God, and anything new is from man’s vain imaginations.. Hope all of you escape from this dead letter belief system….

    • linda said:

      Really Chris, you sound bitter to me. My husband and I fellowship end with a small body in the Midwest that was an offshoot of Faith Assembly and our lives were so blessed back then and happy. We are the only ones left out of about 40 people from our fellowship. We left after pride took over our assembly and tried the assembly of GOD which was sooo worldly! Now we listen to shelbyville Christian Assembly because there is no other body of believers that we agree with spiritually like we do with them. it boils down to simple FAITH in GOD and his word. I can’t tell you how many times GOD has answered prayers of healing for my husband and I in all the 32 yrs that I have had the truth of GODS WORD, it would take awhile. I’m talking about some serious headings! And it is ALL glory to GOD, not a man! When prayers don’t get answered we blame GOD when it is a lack of FAITH on our part. Did you ever find a place in the Bible where a person who asked for healing didn’t get healed????? I believe Brother Freeman died trusting GOD and GOD took him home just to see where people’s hearts truly were, following a man or GOD! Praying for your eyes to be opened….

      • Anonymous said:

        Yes Paul prayed that the thorn in his flesh would be taken from him but he had the faith of a true believer to accept what God had allowed in his life for God’s glory not his own. God gave us brains to use so just do a little research in faith healing and you will understand why it is both physically and spiritually dangerous and a lie straight from Satan himself. I am sure the fruit from the tree in the center of the garden taste really good for a season but if you have half a brain you can see the consequences were devastating.

        • Vicki Lynne said:

          We were involved a little from listening to tapes of Hobart Freeman while in Brisbane , Australia, he ( H F ) had a wonderful gift to encourage people to believe God’s Word. But unfortunately “Pride” entered into it all, We have since gone with more “Discernment Ministries”, rather than “Hyper Faith Ministries, “,

          But we still believe Faith in God’s Word should be encouraged, simply because Jesus encouraged us to use faith all through the New Testament.
          We just can’t tear out those pages. ……..It’s been hard trying to find a Church that doesn’t go along with all the latest fads coming on the Christian scene.

  9. David Lawrence said:

    I was saved in a small house church in Canada,under Hobart Freeman’s Ministry,in 2001. I was delivered from all sorts of bondage! Freeman taught the word! I still worship with FA/Joe Brenneman online today! The trouble was and I think also with many others in those days We took our eyes off Jesus,and put them on Bro.Freeman.We have to stop blaming him for what happened. Bro.Freeman was an imperfect,but anointed vessel used by God! Jesus is our healer and deliverer! Today,my eyes are on Jesus alone. Faith Assembly is still my church! The same Jesus who saved and delivered me,then still heals and delivers today!

    • linda said:

      Amen Brother!!!

  10. David Lawrence said:

    I hope somebody will contact me for fellowship and encouragement! I walk alone in my town and it gets discouaring,so if you still feel positive about your experience with FA,please contact me? God Bless!

  11. Michelle said:

    I have been saved since I was four years old and was raised in Faith Assembly and one if its daughter churches, Evanston Assembly. I believe every word that is written in the Bible and have a deep and abiding faith in God. I am sorry to say, though, the teachings I heard growing up were of legalism, hellfire and damnation, and I have struggled with fear and uncertainty towards a God who tells me over and over that He loves me. I have seen a lot people and a lot of children die needlessly and then heard that the reason they died was their faith in God wasn’t strong enough! As such, I have struggled with the concept of God healing through out my entire life. However, I do still agree with a lot of Hobart Feemans teachings-however I think he and the entire congregation became far to legalistic and, quite frankly, cultish. Its taken me years to work through my fears but am grateful to report that God has brought me a long way!

  12. David Lawrence said:

    I am so thankful for the message God gave us through Bro. Freeman! Bro.Freeman is gone now,but that same uncompromised message is still alive today through Bro.Joe Brenneman! The faith Message will live on,becuase it is God’s message!

  13. David Lawrence said:

    I am often labled a “Freemanite” I wear this label proudly!

  14. Bill said:

    It is sad to see some speak so ignorantly against Hobart Freeman. I hope you repent before you stand before Jesus.

    • David Lawrence said:

      Amen Bill! Touch not God’s Anointed! saith the Lord! People will be sorry,should they not repent!

    • David Lawrence said:

      Amen Bill! May the Lord Bless you for standing strong!

  15. Carol said:

    My entire extended family went to FA……..the hurts from FA are still being felt today. It destroyed families….but most of all the children. I have nieces and nephews that still have trouble in their lives. I am a spirit filled Christian and we moved to Indiana to show the love of Christ to my family and to get them out of the cult. The death of Hobart Freeman was a blessing and the Lord relieved all the error in his teaching……Praise God for His mercy and grace

  16. DB said:

    Well, there certainly is enough brainwashing in Indiana! Congratulations to all of you who do not have the intelligence to see how you’re manipulated and used. Sure makes the rest of us seem like geniuses!

  17. Evangelst i Edozie said:

    my preyer is that God in his infinit mercy will grant u long life for if there is the most man of God i want to see in my life in this world i think is you. I prey that God will grant me financial proggress to see you in person.

  18. Alex said:

    Freeman touched many lives and continues too. You dont need to let that experience destroy you. It can but if you put something between it, and give it distance you can see it for what it is, even use it for your benefit. Freeman was an orator, a decieved deciever of men and women. He wasnt a fraud, he was worse, he was delusional. He enjoyed the power of being a “man of God” It seemed innocent enough, but the cold indifference to children dying never phased him. He escaped justice by dying of his own affliction. A man of fanatical faith died of his own delusions and was never held accountable for the death and destruction he caused. Freeman was a side of America that few know about.

    • linda said:

      Hmmm, wonder if you will see him when you die????

  19. M.McFadden said:

    I have responded on another page, as well; I believe this is the same blog. In any case, each of us will give account of himself or herself to God, and each of us must be fully persuaded in his/her own mind (Rom.14). As a Protestant, I have the privilege (and duty) to approach God directly through prayer in Jesus’ Name, and read the Word of God for myself. I also have the opportunity and obligation to walk with and stay connected to the Holy Spirit. Whatever I believe, profess, and act upon must be fully in my heart and mind, or it profits me nothing, and it may not bear the right kind of fruit. That goes for holiness, faith, ministry, lifestyle, etc. If it is based primarily on my church culture, or my environment, or on “groupthink”, then it is not truly genuine. Having been out of the Faith Assembly movement now since 1986, I now know what I believe and why I believe it, because I have paid my spiritual dues – in prayer and fasting, in the Word, and have sought God Himself for the answers that I needed. And He has given them to me. When it is all said and done – what else can I base my life on ? I appreciate and uphold the Body of Christ – my brothers, sisters, and mothers in Christ everywhere- and I believe in the five-fold ministry (Eph. 4). I am not a “lone ranger” Christian. But the corporate church cannot take the place of my one-on-one with God. I learned this the hard way, but I’m glad that I learned it.

    • David Lawrence said:

      Hi there M. McFadden! I have never attended FA personally, but was saved in 2001 in small House Church. While in these meetings we listened to teaching tapes by Br.Freeman, and other Faith Pastors. This congregation disbanded in 2007. Today I worship with FA online with Bro. Joe Brenneman. I am free to visit other churches, but do believe that FA has the genuine Faith Message. May I ask why you left FA? Do you still believe Mark 11:24?, the way Freeman taught? God Bless!

  20. gabriel said:

    I enjoy reading hobart messages.

  21. megagenius said:

    Any videos of Hobart Freeman?

    • innertubes said:

      None that I know of. If you find any, please let me know!

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