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Wikipedia – The most comprehensive, fact based history

Tomax7 – Thoughts from a former attendee, and current Faith Assembly apologist

More thoughts from Tomax7

Feedback to Tomax7 by former members, as edited by Tomax7 – Tomax7 has not posted some of the negative feedback that I have requested that he post, so don’t take the list as all inclusive.

01-08-15:  Tomax7 responded to my assertion that he did not post my negative feedback:

“Tomax7 here.

Well it is sad when people who are bitter post that they are not.

I for one don’t recall you ever asking me to post negative posts, I post them as they arrive in my mailbox. HOWEVER if they are slanderous, swearing, and just plain old bitter, no, those (all 2 of them) I don’t post. If I didn’t post yours, possibly it is one of those two. I remember someone going off on the deep end, so please tell me you are more intelligent that that.

Oh, would be nice to get credit for my pictures you have on your blog. Something about Integrity that your blog is missing.”

I’ve since added credit to the pictures.  Thanks Tom!

Faith Assembly Forum –  A forum run by people that still believe the teachings of Dr. Hobart E. Freeman

This forum is dedicated to Jesus Christ and to serving Christian believers
and most specifically, those who were a part of the previous incarnation of Faith Assembly and it’s various outreaches under the direction of Hobart E. Freeman, Th.D. – A less biased forum about Faith Assembly

Faith Ministries and Publications – Order cassette tapes of sermons and books written by Dr. Hobart E. Freeman here

News Articles

Two Controversial Religious Sects From The 1970’s Have Impact On Noble County -Unknown date article by The News-Sun in KPC News  archives.  Faith Assembly is the second religious sect discussed in the article

The result was that more than 100 deaths among sect members were attributed to a lack of medical attention.

My family was friend with the Ricks, and I knew their oldest son, Michael, quite well.

Another Noble County couple, Michael and Dianne Ricks, pleaded guilty in April 1991, also in Noble County Superior Court, to one count each of neglect of a dependent in connection with the April 8, 1990, death of their son, John David Ricks. He died of bacterial meningitis after developing a fever and a common respiratory illness five days earlier.


More than 103 deaths occurred among Faith Assembly members in various locations as a result of following their religious beliefs, according to AFF, a Bonita Springs, Fla.-based nonprofit, tax-exempt research center and educational organization that studies psychological manipulation and cultic groups.

Hobart Freeman: Mystic, Monk or Minister – 4 page 1983 article in the Times-Union by John J. Davis

Refusing Treatment Brings Death In Sect – November 27, 1982 article in the Free-Lance Star by John M. Doyle

Death Joins Choir At Indiana Church – November 28, 1982 article in the Milwakee Journal from AP and UPI

Indiana Faith Healing Couple Convicted In Child’s Death – September 12, 1984 in the Lakeland Ledger from the Associated Press

Parents Convicted – September 8, 1984 Herald-Journal article from AP reports (2nd article in National Digest section)

Faith Sect’s Beliefs Tied To 88 Deaths – September 29, 1984 article from Eugene Register-Guard from AP

Two Sentenced In Baby’s Death – October 30, 1984 article from the Star-News from AP, NYT News Services

Faith Healers Convicted Of Child Death – August 30, 1984 article in the Lewiston Daily-Sun from AP

88 Deaths Documented in Faith-Healing Sect – September 26, 1984 article in The Fort Scott Tribune from AP

This post was edited 7-26-11 to add the Children of Faith Assembly Facebook Group link and information.


Churches that Abuse, by Ronald M. Enroth discusses Faith Assembly and Hobart Freeman, particularly Chapter 9.  Search the pdf for “Faith Assembly” and “Hobart Freeman” to read the discussion.

  1. Kevin Hautop said:

    Have read Hobart E Freeman Books and inquiring information on other products and downloads

    Thankyou and God Bless


  2. Robert said:

    It seems to me you people are bitter and have a personal vandetta against Hobart Freeman. The only posting are bitter and resentful people. I have never had a better life than walking in the truth and faith of God’s Word as Hobart Freeman faithfully taught. God help you all….but it seems most of you have fallen into your own self-righteous cults.

    • David Lawrence said:

      It is sad, Robert, there are so many Apostates on this blog. By “Apostate” I mean those who left FA and now have a vendetta against Freeman, and The Faith Message. ( God’s Word) May they repent!

      • Yes it is sad David, we need to pray for these folk all the while making sure we don’t get bitter or offended by their postings either.

  3. I agree. With around 100 deaths from not going to doctors as Freeman instructed, there are many very bitter people who have a dead brother, sister, daughter, son, mother, father, grandparent, or friend, who is dead only because of Hobart Freeman.

    • linda said:

      Brother Freeman only taught what the Word of GOD says. If anyone has a problem with what he taught, they need to take it up with the author, GOD!!!! Brother Freeman NEVER forced anyone to NOT go to doctors.

      • David Lawrence said:

        Amen! Sister Linda! stay strong in the Faith!

  4. linda said:

    I agree totally with most of the posts here, Brother Freeman only taught faith for healing! He never told anyone not to go to doctors, he just taught the PURE WORD of GOD and left it up to the people to decide. How many people die under doctors care in just 1 month in this world???? And why are they calling this a sect? Because they know NOT the TRUTH!!!! I would rather die trusting GOD than man!!!

    • david lawrenc said:


    • David Lawrence said:

      Linda, I would love to hear from you. There are not many left who still admire what Brother Freeman taught! God Bless!

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