I Talk About My ‘Faith Healing’ by Hobart E. Freeman at Faith Assembly

I was raised in a faith healing cult,  Faith Assembly, led by Hobart E. Freeman.

Diabetics were not taking their insulin and pregnant women were receiving no pre-natal or post-natal care. … They are laying dead babies and live babies next to each other on the altars and praying over them to get the live babies to bring life back to the dead ones. There was one woman in our county praying over a baby for four days before the funeral home got hold of it.”

In this very short video, I briefly describe a ‘faith healing’ for my infected ears.

  1. Kristi said:

    I’ve always found it interesting to read the story of dead and live babies being put on the altar. There never was an altar at the Glory Barn or Faith Assembly.

    I attended the “Barn” and Faith Assembly from 1973 until 1987 when I left home at 18.

    • Louis Mitchell said:

      Kristi, my name is Louis and I was too a member of Faith Assembly in Indiana during the 1980s. My father was Marshall who was a member before and after I had moved back to California. I don’t even know if you still follow this post, but I was hoping to ask some questions of you, or anyone else who attended the church. My contact information is:
      Thank you,

  2. innertubes said:

    True, there was no altar. They definitely got that detail wrong. But there was definitely a lot of praying over dead babies for God to miraculously bring them back to life. There was a lot of prayer for this because there was a hell of a lot of dead babies.

  3. At its basis, it was not a religious or spiritual movement, it was a
    personality cult, dangerously turning the search for truth and reality
    on its head by dictating that doubt and skepticism, the basis of all
    reason, science, and search for reality even long before De Cartes
    established its methodology, were emanations of some metaphysical
    evil. People were so afraid of doubt as evil, that they not infrequently
    subjected the lives of their children even unto death, to prove their faith. For so many, it was devastating long after Freeman failed to
    rise from the dead and meet Jesus in the sky as he “prophecized.”
    For others, it was the ultimate and final horror. Maniacal, egotistical,
    fanatic, insane in his extremism. We were soon blinded by the idea
    of having some special insight into spiritual experience and by the
    fear of doubting as a form of evil. He was the heart of darkness whose
    teachings were kept from the light of scrutiny by the cult following.

  4. John Brooks said:

    To this day I still adhere to the things I was taught and see the error in a lot of churches. However we did lack love. Sadly like Paukwrote, without love this is become nothing. Gods Word is still true and I thank the Lord the lessons we got from the tapes

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