Early Timeline

I originally posted this on Factnet.org several years ago.  Please pardon the grammar, as I left it largely intact.


Parents joined in ’74, I was born in ’75

2 years old:told my grandpa that when he got saved, he would not drink beer anymore or need to wear his glasses. Horrified the grandparents, heh.

3 years old:

got ‘saved.’ Was the happiest day of my life at the time. Ran around in the yard celebrating barefoot till I stepped on a thorn. Ouch, damned satan! I have very vague memories of the glory barn in this era.

5 years old:

Went to stay at the Nei’s house while my mom had a baby. I was so excited too have a new brother or sister. When I came home to see the new baby, I found out it ‘went to be with Jesus.’ The baby was kicking 2 hours b/f birth and was born strangled by umbilical cord

6 years old:

started 1st grade at public school with ear infections in both ears. I’d had these for 2 years, and my ears would constantly ‘run.’

I took a handkerchief to school and wiped them when no one looked. The teacher caught me once and sent me to the nurse. Somehow they believed that it wasn’t too bad when I told them that I wasn’t sick (because I was healed, but it just hadn’t manifested itself yet, but I didn’t explain that to the noob teacher.

At school, several times an hour, I’d close my eyes and repent. I wasn’t always sure I had sinned, but I was super paranoid about dying w.o repenting for last sin sinned and therefore going to hell. My teacher asked me what I was doing once, and I told her the truth.

For instance, I knew that if I picked my nose, since my mom had told me not too, and since ‘Honor thy father and mother….’ that this was a sin.

I was about as guilt ridden as a kid as anyone could be IMO

General note. Since about age 3 had horrible vivid nightmares about the demons and demonic forces the Freeman talked about. I was scared to death. I have never had happy dreams since, and most are scary. I’ve done some research and found that this is not too uncommon, so I’m not really blaming the church/HEF here.

A girl on the schoolbus said ‘f*ck.’ I had never heard the word before, so I asked my dad what it meant. I got whipped for asking and was told to repent.
It was about this time that I got an ‘S’ for satisfactory on my report card. I ws scolded for not getting an S+. This pattern continued for any A-‘s and especially for B+’s.

9 years old: I was heartbroken that I wasn’t allowed to play on my 3rd grade basketball team. I was the 2nd best player in my class (knowing from gym/recess), but was not allowed to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

This is when I considered telling on my parents to the authorities (about my ears, still running/infectious as ever, hearing pretty bad too).

Had I known at the time that my grandparents would have gotten custody, I would have turned them in so that I could play basketball. I was just a scared 3rd grader at the time so I never followed through.

However, this was the changing point. I ‘knew’ that it was okay to play basketball just like I ‘knew’ that 2+2=4. Logic was kicking in and I slowly realized how illogical my parents beliefs were, but this was the infancy of that.

  1. Elizabeth said:

    I totally relate. i think dr. freeman died when I was about 13. I was born in 1973. When I saw your pictures of the inside of the glory barn my heart jumped. I had forgotten the feelings assocaited with that. the head coverings. My brothers turned down scholarships too. They still struggle. I’m doing a lot better than my other siblings. Even the ones that came after faith assembly had it rough, because then my parents went off looking for that same “feel” of faith assembly and got into other weird stuff. good luck on your book. I’m a writer, actually, by hobby, but could help you much. I also keep in touch with some people you’d probably be really interested in talking to.

  2. Eric said:

    I would like to say that I have gleaned great teachings and insight from Brother Freeman’s teachings and labors. And although I don’t exactly prescribe to every single teaching on healing, I do think he was a man of God that deserves respect and double honor for his labor of love. I believe that people will have to give an account for what they say about ministers even if they don’t agree with them.

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