Lover of Truth

Above all else, I am two things:  I am insatiably curious, and I am a lover of truth.

This quest for truth, driven by an insatiable curiosity, has affected me two ways lately.   First of all, I realized that I “missed my calling” and that I belong in scientific research, where I can actually use my grey matter to contribute.  Secondly, I have been more vocal about my lack of belief in gods.

As an accountant, a financial analyst, and a poker player, I rarely got to use my grey matter, and never contributed.  The hardest part of putting up with those first two jobs are the insane non-performance related skills/politics that it takes to succeed.   I absolutely do not have the emotional makeup to thrive in such an environment.  I certainly admire those of you that do have this make up, although I do not think I will ever understand it.  Those jobs are square, I am a circle, and you really can’t square a circle.

Second, I have been more vocal about my atheism.  When you look at all the evidence for, for instance, the christian god, and examine it using the scientific method, you will not need much storage space, because there simply isn’t any evidence at all.

“Well, then there does not need to be evidence, because it is a matter of faith,” I am told.

But is it not amazing that this ‘matter of faith’ happens always to be the same religion as the speaker’s parents?  That is one remarkable coincidence!

A childhood neighbor, who is religious, posted his amazement at the ‘Body’ exhibit.  He credited a god that designed our wonderful bodies.  But if he studied the evidence deeply, he would see how awful our bodies are if you credit them to some ‘intelligent designer’.  Off the top of my head, the blind spot in our eyes, the retina attached backward, common back  problems, and nasal problems are all evidence of a very ‘unintelligent designer’, if one insists on a designer.  Sadly, most do not know of these basic scientific facts, because, sadly, most people are willfully ignorant about most things.

And in my estimation, a philosophy of how to live your life is the last thing we should be willfully ignorant about.

When you look at all of the evidence, there is no reason to believe in any god or higher being.  (We evolved through evolution by natural selection.  The evidence overwhelmingly asserts this.)

If you believe in a god, you are deluded.  If you have dedicated your life to this delusion, you have wasted your life.  Religion has been weighed in the balances and found lacking.  But, be of good cheer, former Christian, it’s never too late for knowledge!

Many of my deluded friends and family may read this, and these frank statements may seem rather rude.  But, if I can get just one on the critical thinking path, and save just one of them from the wasted energy and effort that they put into worshiping a figment of their imagination, it’s worth a million hurt feelings.

An all powerful god that demands to be worshiped for the greatness of being in his natural state is absolutely pathetic.  The god of the bible is an absolute horrid example of good morals.

Alas, I wanted to briefly touch on how religion has done more harm than good, but I must sojourn to my temp accounting job, so I will leave you right here.  Happy Monday!

Edit:  I must briefly add that many who read this will immediately point out all the good things they do and wrongly attribute this to belief in a god or higher power.  This behavior is actually genetically programmed in primates (and common in many species) and you do yourself a disservice when you credit this innate trait to an external source.  No time for links and proof, but I can provide them if you are curious at a later time, just ask.


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