Update to Goals, etc

01/01/2010 Update:

1.    As of about 2 months ago, I am now a 34 year old underemployed accountant in Sarasota (with some better job opportunities on the horizon, woot).

2.  I have had a recent strong interest in science.  Strong to the point that I am at least temporarily pausing aspirations to run estores on our dear innertubes, in favor of a career in scientific research.

3. The path I follow in this regard will require a masters or doctorate degree in a field such as biology, ecology/evolution, cellular biology, etc.   This means 3 semesters of undergrad science classes, to get the prerequisites for the graduate work.  School will probably be the University of South Florida, as it is near in Tampa, for the graduate work.

To save money, and since it is close, I will probably attend to State College of Florida (formerly named Manatee Community College) to fulfill these prerequisite undergrad requirements.   (I already have a BS in Business with a double major in Finance and Accounting, but effectively no biology/chemistry/science courses.)

It does not look like I can get into the chemistry class that I need (all night classes full) as a prerequisite for the spring semester, so summer is probably my earliest shot to begin.

Altogether, I need a year of chemistry, plus a semester of organic, some physiology, a year of biology, a semester of microbiology, and a few other things.  I plan on getting a 4.0 in this course work.  During my last semester, I will apply to the appropriate (and currently undecided) graduate degree program.

4.  My strongest areas of research interest, at this point, in no particular order, are:

a.  Brain

b.  Lung Cancer

c.  Genetics/Genome

d.  Evolutionary Biologist.

My hope is that the undergrad coursework will help me narrow the list down.  Luckily I have quite a bit of time to make specific decisions.  I do want to be involved in an area where I can always be near the ‘cutting edge’ of new inquiry, thought, and theories.

5.  Influences:  Richard Dawkins, Richard Dawkins, Richard Dawkins.  Love his site http://www.richarddawkins.net, and all his books that I’ve read thus far.  The site lists daily articles of current scientific breakthroughs, etc, and makes very interesting reading.

I really have to credit one of my best friends, Jeremy, for turning me on to Dawkins,  serving as a sounding board for ideas around about my future journey, for great suggestions, for impeccable logic, and inspirational support.

6.  I probably won’t finish the areas in the ‘about me’ section that say ‘coming soon’.

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  1. jessicawoodrum said:

    Hooray for goals. 😉

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