Quick Random Thought

Many people hold a belief, or take a course of action for one reason, and one reason only: Because the Bible says so. These actions and beliefs are rubbish.

The most common monstrosity that I have observed is unfettered homophobia.

  1. jessicawoodrum said:

    I don’t agree with your first statement. The last sentence of your first statement has no proof or examples to back it up, making it an opinion with no substance. As a man of science I would think you of all people would know the importance of proving your statements.

    I completely agree with your second statement though.

  2. Innertubes said:

    My point is you should have a non-Bible related reason that is good.

    I can honestly categorize all of the arguments I’ve seen like this.

    I should do X because the Bible says so.

    Why should you trust the Bible, I ask?

    Because the Bible is the word of God, is the response.

    How do you know that, I reply?

    Because the Bible says so!

    (Then my head explodes)

  3. jessicawoodrum said:

    I don’t want to debate the veracity of the Bible. That will always come down to a matter of faith.

    I just feel that to make the blanket statement that decisions made purely based on what the Bible says are all rubbish is ridiculous, close-minded and arrogant.

    For instance, let’s say I choose to help the needy just because I think that’s what God wants me to do, (based on what the Bible says.) Is that rubbish?

    A lot of good comes from the Bible and I don’t think you can just dismiss it entirely because some crazies misuse it.

  4. Innertubes said:

    Yes. The reasoning is rubbish. We are all creatures of reason.

    You don’t do (God forbid I hope not) anything simply because someone tells you to, or else you are a mule.

    Reason is what separates humans from mules. If you choose to be a mule, that’s entirely up to you, but don’t be surprised when I mock it.

    To maintain that the Christian God is the reason you help the needy is an insult to all Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists, tribalists, and anyone in the BC era that ever helped the needy out of good will. It is the ultimate insult to humanity, and it disgusts me.

  5. Jessica said:

    But, if you love someone don’t you do what they ask you to? I can maintain that the reason I do something is because the Christian God wants me to and I don’t think that’s insulting to other religions. I wouldn’t be insulted if a budist helped the poor because they thought that was the way to enlightenment.

    According to Christian belief the way to understanding God is through the Bible, so it only makes sense that they would follow what the Bible says because they love God and want to make him happy.

    Analogy: A married man takes out the trash because he loves his wife and he knows that she wants him to take it out. How is that any different than a Christian doing something that the Bible says because they love God?

    It’s not blind following, it’s choosing to do something that someone wants you to do because you love them and you want to show them that.

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