Poker Nation

Inside the  Two Plus Two forums, some players are discussing what country to move to if the US bans online poker (many people mistakenly think it’s banned now but it’s not).  Naturally, PokerXanadu proposed forming his own sovereign nation.  But it was this post in the replies that cracked me up.

1. Find a country that the general population is unhappy with

2. Has a piss poor military

3. Make sure this country has no ties to any major military on major economic power, and that the members of the U.N Security Council will not interfere, and the international community will recognize our new gov.

4. Send in advance agents to initiate physiological warfare on the population, threw propaganda against the existing regime.

5. Train rebel revolutionaries

6. Develop a new gov. and economy to put in place after the fall of the old regime.

7. Start the revolution, win a fast and decisive victory

8. Establish new GOV. rule with an Iron fist to maintain power

9. Play online poker


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