Daily Kos: Top Ten Ways to Convince the Muslims We’re on a Crusade

Author Chris Roddo writes an excellent Daily Kos diary exposing a military pattern of breaking regulations in an attempt to evangelize the Muslims in the Middle East.  This piece is chocked full of examples and pictures of his top ten list in action.

Top Ten Ways to Convince the Muslims We’re On a Crusade

10. Have top U.S. military officers, Defense Department officials, and politicians say we’re in a religious war

9. Have top U.S. military officers appear in a video showing just how Christian the Pentagon is

8. Plant crosses in Muslim lands and make sure they’re big enough to be visible from really far away

7. Paint crosses and Christian messages on military vehicles and drive them through Iraq

6. Make sure that our Christian soldiers and chaplains see the war as a way to fulfill the Great Commission

5. Post photos on the internet of U.S. soldiers with their rifles and Bibles

4. Invite virulently anti-Muslim speakers to lecture at our military colleges and service academies

3. Have a Christian TV network broadcast to the world that the military is helping missionaries convert Muslims

2. Make sure Bibles and evangelizing materials sent to Muslim lands have official U.S. military emblems on them

1. Send lots of Arabic, Dari, and Pashtu language Bibles to convert the Muslims

Chris Roddo is an ardent defender of separation of church and state, and a fantastic writer, see his other Daily Kos diaries here.   Roddo is the author of Liars for Jesus:  The Religious Right’s Alternative Version of American History Volume 1, a Senior Research Director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and a contributor to Talk2Action.org.


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