Top Ten TV Shows

Here are my favorite 10 television shows, in no particular order:

    • innertubes said:

      Sounds like someone is still a grouchy, bitter Ohio State fan!

  1. jessicawoodrum said:

    I love True Blood, although I will admit that Season 2 wasn’t as good to me. What did you think about the finale? I felt like they wrapped it up sort of quickly, but I was pretty ready for her to die. I’ve read all the books so I’m more picky than I really should be.


    Ps. Like the site.

  2. innertubes said:


    I thought the finally was okay, but not outstanding. I walked away saying, “Good season!”

    I thought Sam was the cow right away, and was glad it was.

    My favorite character is Eric, but one of my roommates’ is Godrich. He stopped watching after he faced the sun, LOL!

    I haven’t read the books at all, but I did cheat and read a 2 paragraph summary on each one. Seems like it may be more enjoyable for people that haven’t read the book (i.e. not staying true to storylines, etc)?

  3. Eric is my favorite character too. Well, in the books he’s my favorite character, I hope they don’t make him a bad guy in the tv series. But, enough about that. I’m looking forward to that new HBO series, “Bored to Death” and the new series of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

    Ps. So your roommate looked like Godric…or he actually played Godric?

    • innertubes said:

      My roommate liked, not played (and doesn’tr look like) Godrich, although I bet he wishes he really WAS Godrich, heh!

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