A friend asked on his blog, “what does the bible mean to you?”  Well, here’s my reaction:


Morality is a human (and not a religious) trait.

For example, humans feel the same remorse for things that seem wrong (for example, a mentally ill homeless man, a child that lost its parents, a bird with a broken wing, or an action that he/she has taken that breaks the Golden Rule) across the religious belief spectrum.To me, the Bible represents 3 main things:

1) An attempt to claim a monopoly on morality, and thus strip it from its rightful owners (which are basically all non socio-pathic humans), usually for the sake of the pied profiteer.

2) The literary wolf disguised in sheep’s clothing for existing powers to fight, reason, discovery, and enlightenment, and human improvement.

3) A tool to grant power to evil men (see the last 1700 years).

I could list the immoralities of the Old Testament God, the beauty of the New Testament Beautitudes, the genocides, the racism, the homophobic overtones, and the fact that if you lived in Old Testament times, and were not born a Jew, you go straight to hell; but in lieu of writing a novel, I’ll sum it up:

When taken as a whole it is disingenuous, arrogant (choose me or go straight to hell), and has wrought upon planet Earth a bloodbath that would not have been seen (over normal land-type disputes), had it not existed (see tool of the powerful, and scourge of reason for the masses, above).

PARTS of it are awe inspiring literature, beautiful poetry, wonderful ethical counsel, and even words to live by. But sadly, we can not pick and choose parts to believe, fractionalize our faith, or ever hope to improve upon God’s Holy words.


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