Innertubes Random short videos

Sometimes, I get bored, and a few of those times, I’ve caught up with the 1990’s and tried to make youtube videos with my cheap webcam.  Here are a few.


I grew up in the faith healing cult known as Faith Assembly, pastored by Hobart E. Freeman, near North Webster in Noble County, IN.  I would love to make a youtube type documentary about the story of the the church and the stories of its members.  If you went to Faith Assembly, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. David and Kathleen Bergmann said:

    I have read alot about hobart and I do agree that he made sure that all followed what he said. I still to this day think amd miss my daughter Allyison, and he took her from me and robbed me of the joy watching her grow up. As I write this now we have been married 29 yrs. and have 4 great kids, My oldest girl has married a med student and he is off the finish med school, so HA HA. I have recently found out that steve hill lives in charlotte,nc where I now reside

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